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Latest Design Trends

  1. Embrace The Cosy Room Design Trend

    Embrace The Cosy Room Design Trend
    Earthy tones like warm neutrals, soothing greys, and gentle browns evoke a sense of calm and create a serene environment. Complement them with pops of rich hues such as deep blues, forest greens, or burgundy to add depth and character to your room. Dark colours also create a cocooning feeling, and can be used with warm accent colours like mustard and terracotta.

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  2. Deep Blue Hues For Your Home

    Deep Blue Hues For Your Home
    Introducing the latest colour palette to take the design world by storm – luxurious deep blues. It exudes sophistication, modernity and elegance, and can be used to create a cosy atmosphere or give a room a modern edge. We'll show you how to use this versatile trend in your home.

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