Embrace The Cosy Room Design Trend

Winter is here, and there's no better time to embrace a trend that's having a moment – the cosy room design trend. It's all about making your home a sanctuary from the fast-paced outside world, creating warm, inviting spaces by incorporating elements that evoke a sense of warmth, relaxation, and contentment. Check out the key features of this trend.

Start with a warm and inviting colour palette
Earthy tones like warm neutrals, soothing greys, and gentle browns evoke a sense of calm and create a serene environment. Complement them with pops of rich hues such as deep blues, forest greens, or burgundy to add depth and character to your room. Dark colours also create a cocooning feeling, and can be used with warm accent colours like mustard and terracotta. .

Layer textures and patterns
Enhance the warmth of your space with soft, tactile materials like plush rugs, knitted blankets, faux fur throws, and velvet cushions. Layer different textures and patterns to create a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere in your space.

The right seating is key
Experiment with different seating arrangements to perfect your intimate environment, including grouping seats around focal points like a fireplace or coffee table. Choose luxurious sofas and oversized chairs, and accessorise with cushions and throws to up the cosy factor even more.

Ambient Lighting:
Set the mood with the right lighting options. Warm, soft lighting will create a soothing atmosphere, especially during cold winter evenings. Think table or floor lamps, and even candles and fairy lights.

A touch of nature
Bring nature indoors with potted plants, fresh flowers as well as natural materials like wood and stone to elevate the cosiness of your room and add a sense of freshness.

Personal touches
Display cherished items like family photos, art pieces, or heirlooms throughout the room. Adding items that bring you joy, like your favourite books or scented candles will make the space truly your own and make it feel lived-in and comfy. The perfect space to rejuvenate after a long day!

Create warmth with a carpet
Carpets not only offer a luxurious, soft layer to sink your feet into after a long day, they also help to insulate rooms and reduce sound, helping to create a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Check out our selection of top picks for the cosy room design trend and start setting up your snug space.

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