Elevate Your Outdoor Space With The Latest Trends

The growing popularity of the staycation has contributed to a surge in home improvements and utilising outdoor spaces as extensions of our living areas. As we leap into 2024, the trend of bringing the indoors out continues to flourish, turning backyards into cosy living rooms, kitchens, game rooms, and more. We’ve looked at this trend, and a few other design developments to consider when setting up your outdoor area for the new year.

Versatile Modular Furniture
Modular furniture, a sensation in interior design, is now leaving its mark on outdoor spaces too. The adaptability of modular pieces, like the 11-piece Lenox Patio Suite or 5-Piece Petes Corner Patio Suite, allows you to rearrange your outdoor oasis for any occasion – whether you’re planning a cosy family gathering or a lively outdoor event.

Warm Color Palettes
Reflecting the shift towards warmer hues in interior design, 2024 will see outdoor spaces adorned in rustic warmth. Choose from our collection of scatter cushions in warm, earthy tones and use terracotta vases to make your outdoor space as inviting as any indoor room.

Upscale Spaces
The shift toward at-home entertainment means a need for outdoor entertaining spaces too. A simple table and umbrella just won’t do anymore, and luckily we have a range of diverse seating options, from bars and lounges to dining tables, that cater to different styles of events. Outdoor spaces are transformed into multifunctional areas ready for any party or staycation.

Outdoor Kitchen Essentials:
Transform your braai area into a full kitchen and dining experience, following the trend of embracing the kitchen outdoors. Make outdoor entertaining that much easier by taking functional essentials like smaller dishwashers and compact fridges or freezers outdoors.

Creative Gardening Trends:
As outdoor spaces become more formal, the classic garden may be a thing of the past. 2024 will bring more creative gardening that looks less like gardening and more like décor making planters the perfect creative alternative to traditional gardens.

Stylish Accessories
Enhance your outdoor oasis with stylish accessories generally reserved for indoor spaces. Our collection includes tabletop lamps, cushions, and vases to add focal points, colours, and decorations that transform your outdoor space into a comfortable room similar to any cosy indoor setting.