Add Warmth to your Space with Spice Colours and Earthy Tones

If the cold weather has you daydreaming of warmer lands, why not journey from the comfort of your home by adding some warm, earthy tones and spice colours. Here are a few thoughts on how to incorporate these trendy colours on a budget for a cosy winter living space.

Which colours do I choose?
Earth colours refer to a warm colour that contains some brown pigment. These colours evoke feelings of comfort and are generally timeless. Your palette should be inspired by nature, from trusty browns, moss greens, reds, oranges and ochre, to spice colours like turmeric, paprika and mustard yellow.

How to introduce these warm colours
You don't have to paint your whole room or buy a yellow lounge suite to spice up your space. You can also ease into it by introducing these colours in smaller ways.

  • Make a statement
A statement chair is an easy and contemporary way of introducing signature colours and tones into a space. Add warm, earthy tones with the glamorous Biscuit Occasional Chair or brighten things up with a yellow Oxford Occasional Chair.

  • Accessorise!
Using accessories and decor is another fuss-free way to instantly bring in warmer colours. The Silky Rug will add spiciness from the ground up, while bold cushions like the Modern Chenille Cushion or the Enigma Scatter can be scattered on any couch or chair for a vivid pop of red.

  • Kit out your kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not give it an upgrade with some hearty, warmer colours too. Our comfy Angela Bar Stools are covered in rich brown – spot on for this trend and perfect for your breakfast nook or kitchen counter. You'll also find a selection of bright red appliances on our website that are sure to turn up the heat in your kitchen – from the Snappy Chef Whistling Kettle to a Hisense Bar Fridge.