Latest Kitchen Design Trends

The start of the new year is the perfect time to update your space, and with the kitchen being the heart of the home, it's a great place to start. Get inspired by kitchen design trends that will be big this year – from innovative technology to bold and bright colours.

Smart Technology
The use of smart technology in the kitchen is expected to increase this year – think voice-activated appliances, appliances that are connected to Wi-Fi and controlled by your smartphone and more – like this LG Instaview Fridge that is controlled by the Smart Thinq app. Smart kitchens are the future, as they are not just convenient, they also help you save time and energy. Find more smart appliances here.

Organic Elements
In the past few years there has been a shift towards bringing nature into the home, and this will continue in 2023. This trend will be brought into the kitchen in both large and small ways – from natural stone countertops, and wooden cabinets or backsplashes, to wood or glass bowls or wood storage containers. Choose something from our range of kitchen accessories to incorporate this trend into your home in a budget-friendly way.

The kitchen as dining space
Many homeowners are moving away from the traditional dining room setup to kitchens designed for dining and entertaining. Larger kitchen islands will be integrated into the kitchen to create entertaining and gathering spaces in the heart of the home. Thinking about updating your kitchen space with this trend? Our stylish dining chairs and bar stools will complete the new look.

Warm colours
In 2023 kitchens will also become a little more colourful, with a focus on warmer tones and bold colours, rather than minimalistic Scandinavian-style kitchens or white and grey farmhouse style kitchens. A colourful bar chair, kettle or even oven will add a trendy pop of colour to your kitchen.

Freestanding multifunctional storage
As the kitchen becomes more of a living and entertaining space, freestanding and multifunctional furniture will form part of the design. It's also an easy way to revamp your kitchen without having to renovate cabinets or kitchen islands. Stylish standalone pieces like dressers, cabinets, servers or wooden shelving will replace built-in concepts – a practical and decorative solution as you can easily bring your unique style into the kitchen.

Uncovered appliances
Appliances have become extremely stylish, so there's no need to hide them away anymore. New appliances should be placed out in the open and allowed to shine! Unfortunately, this may mean you'll have to replace some old and dated small appliances – luckily, we have a great range at the lowest prices guaranteed!