Essentials For A Dorm Room As Smart And Stylish As You

The move to university is one of the biggest transitions in a student’s life, and it can be both thrilling and challenging. We’re here to help you make sure you have a comfortable and functional space to go home to while you step into this new phase of your life. Let's explore how you can transform your new living space into a cosy haven without breaking the bank.

Get Set for Success with Smart Furniture
Creating a comfortable and productive study area is essential, and investing in quality furniture means you’ll be set with a stylish office space for all your years at varsity. Choose our Taylor Office Chair for a stylish seating solution that won't strain your budget, and pair it with the modern Remie Desk that’s not only trendy, but functional too. Shop more office essentials here.

Unique Touches on a Budget
Infuse personality into your dorm room with budget-friendly accessories, like rugs, lamps, cushions, wall art and other décor. A well-chosen piece can instantly transform your space and make it feel more like home. Our collection comes in various shapes, sizes and trendy designs, shop now to bring a piece of your personality into your new space.

Affordable Appliances for a Cool Dorm
Keep your drinks and snacks cool with our range of budget-friendly and space-saving bar fridges. Compact and efficient, these appliances are a must-have for any dorm room, so browse our range now to find the perfect fit for your space.

Small Appliances, Huge Convenience
Make dorm life easier and more enjoyable with compact and affordable small appliances. Our selection includes air fryers for quick and healthy meals, NutriBullets for easy and nutritious smoothies, and coffee makers to give you your morning boost or keep you awake for late-night study sessions. Check out our range of small appliances to find the perfect companions for your dorm room.

Add Storage & Style
You can never have too much storage, so adding furniture that adds to the look of your dorm room, as well as creating more space to place gadgets, stationery and clothes, will help you maintain a productive and clutter-free environment. Choose a look you love from our range of pedestals, chests of drawers or cupboards and shoe racks and say yes to less mess in 2024!