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  • I hereby certify that the information submitted by me, the Consumer, and recorded in this request for credit is true and correct in every detail and that I have fully and truthfully answered all the questions in this application form. Should it be found that I did not fully and truthfully answer any question, such conduct would be an absolute defence in favour of the Credit Provider, against a claim of Reckless Granting.
  • I confirm that I am not a minor, not under administration, undergoing debt counselling, under curatorship or sequestration, have any pending disputes with the Credit Bureau and have not been declared insolvent.
  • I hereby irrevocably authorise and consent to the Credit Provider making reasonable enquiries to confirm any details furnished by me in the request for credit and to access the file of any Credit Bureaux, National Credit Regulator, National Loans Register or any other Registered Data Base to obtain my credit record, and any other information which might be relevant in this assessment, and at any time during the existence of the Credit Agreement, should this request for credit be successful and resulting in a Credit Agreement.
  • I further consent to authorise and agree that should this request be successful resulting in a Credit Agreement that the details of the manner in which this account is conducted and repaid will be provided to any Registered Credit Bureaux, National Credit Regulator, National Loans Register, or any other Registered Data Base, and that any overdue installments will be reflected on my Credit Record
  • I acknowledge that the information herein contained was procured in accordance with the Law; is adequate, relevant and not excessive and that I give consent to the processing of my personal information.
  • Processing includes doing affordability assessments, credit scoring and any other profile building that may help the Credit Provider to offer me a product or services that will suit my needs.
  • I further acknowledge that the information provided is freely provided and without any duress, and that I have consented thereto.
  • I acknowledge that any confidential information given to the Credit Provider was given with the intention of enabling the Credit Provider to access the information only for the purposes for which it was intended.

By completing the above fill-in fields and clicking Submit, you expressly consent to Rainbow Finance (A trading Division of Shoprite Investments LTD) storing and using your information for purposes of attending to your request. Further information in relation to how Rainbow Finance uses and protects your information and how you can update and/or have your information removed, can be viewed on our Data Privacy Statement