Beautiful Kitchen Rugs To Improve Your Cook Space

If you’ve ever considered adding a rug to your kitchen and then quickly doubted that decision because of the countless spills and the unpredictable mistakes that occur, we’re here to tell you to hold that thought because you CAN have a rug in your kitchen without adding to your workload. Rugs are practical and decorative as they create softness whilst providing a comfortable environment around your cooking space. Here are some more reasons why rugs can improve your kitchen:

1. Kitchen rugs protect your floors, feet and cookware
Whether you have wooden, tiled or vinyl floors, a rug will help to protect them from scratches and early ageing. Dishes and pots that drop will also get less damaged when they fall on the cushioning and padding of a rug, and who doesn’t love the feeling of a softer, warmer landing under their feet whilst prepping food? Look out for the kids and pets that will probably want to spend more time with you in the kitchen too! Our cotton cross-woven cream Moonlight Blue Rug can bring that protection and softness to your kitchen space

2. Rugs add colour to your kitchen space
You can create a warm and welcoming environment by adding a rug that gives you a homey feeling like our Persian design Silky Red Rug. On the contrary, you can also introduce darker coloured rugs to break up the colour between the floor and cabinets. Bring depth and texture to your overall kitchen design with our Silky Anthracite Dark Grey Rug. Rugs with patterns and shapes will liven up the room and are a smart way to conceal small stains and floor damage! Not a fan of your rented home’s kitchen flooring? A rug really is your solution.

3. Rugs keep your kitchen clean
Whilst you might think that having a rug in your kitchen is counterintuitive, it actually keeps your kitchen clean! Of course, a rug that is easy-to-clean and does not absorb spills is important to have, but a rug also helps you develop cleaner cooking habits and teaches you to clean up after yourself more often. A colour that stands out like our Silky Dark Blue Rug is a great way to get everyone in the house to embrace this important habit.

So go ahead and think about where you’ll place your kitchen rug, decide on the style you want to go for and shop for the perfect rug to improve your space today!