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Understanding the South African Efficiency Label


As a consumer, do you know that you now have the power to make a difference, save money, energy and the environment?

As an individual, your use of electricity has a direct impact on the environment. Household use of electricity in South Africa accounts for around 17% of the total usage and at peak times, rises to almost double that amount!


Every kilowatt used results in higher greenhouse gas emissions - so by replacing old appliances with new energy efficient ones, you will be saving not only money, but energy and the environment.


House & Home recognizes the importance of this and together with local and import manufacturers, are working together to comply with the new Minimum Energy Performance Standards as governed through the Department of Energy.

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While walking around, be sure to be on the lookout for this label on household appliances.

The label lists the type of appliance, manufacturer/distributor and model number of the product.

The black arrow on the right of the label is possibly the most important element as it shows that product’s average energy performance level.

The seven coloured bands offer a graphic indication of the different levels of efficiency, with dark green being the most efficient and dark red being the least. It makes it easy to see how the product you’re considering compares. The labels differ slightly for every appliance.

This figure represents the actual electricity consumption of the appliance in Kilowatt Hours (kWh) which is how electricity is charged for. You can work out how much the appliance will cost to run by multiplying the kWh by the electricty rate charged in your area.

Information such as average water consumption (in Litres) and noise levels (in Decibels dB) may be included on the label so you save water and address noise pollution as well.

Energy efficient appliances use less energy to provide the same service; thus, managing and restraining the use of appliance energy consumption. The advantage for you, the consumer, is a long-term saving of electricity consumption as well as a saving on your electricity bill.

You can find the energy efficiency label in the appliance manual of packaged appliances as well as find the label on appliances that are on display in-store, or even check websites for more information.