Shades of Grey

If you're looking for an on-trend yet timeless colour that won't go out of style soon, grey should be your go-to. It's the new neutral – a modern colour that adds a chic, sophisticated edge to any space. Grey is also one of the most versatile colours in the spectrum and can create a cool scheme as easily as a warmer one, and it's a great decorating choice if you like to mix things up – redecorating and updating your look around any shade of the colour is effortless. We've put together a few tips and tricks on how to bring this neutral tone into your living space.

How to decorate with shades of grey

  • Pick your perfect shade
Whether you're purchasing a key grey furniture piece or painting a room, once you decide you want to go grey, start by picking your preferred shade and decorate around that. There's a shade for every kind of look – from cool-toned greys for minimal home decor styles, to charcoal tones for cosy living rooms, or even darker shades for a touch of drama.

  • Paint it grey
Paint your walls grey to create a neutral foundation against which your furniture will stand out. When deciding on a shade of grey, consider which direction your room faces, which time of day you spend the most time in the room, the weather where you live and of course which shade you like.
It's also important to think of the tone that you’re trying to set and the type of room you are painting. A pale grey in eggshell creates a softer atmosphere, suitable for bedrooms or family rooms, while a glossy pale grey is more contemporary and edgy, a good choice for an office or kitchen. If you want to create a dramatic, sophisticated effect, perfect for a dining-room or living room, a charcoal in high gloss is the right shade for you.

  • Bring in a key piece of furniture in grey
If you're not quite comfortable with completely redecorating, but you want to bring this trendy colour into your space, invest in a key piece of furniture in a shade of grey you love. Take your pick from our range of grey lounge suites and sofas to incorporate this shade into your living room.

  • Start at the bottom
When planning to design a grey room, the floor is a great starting point. Grey rugs go with anything and you can choose a large rug as a more sophisticated centrepiece, or layer up smaller grey rugs for a relaxed look.

  • Remember to bring in some warmth
Make sure your grey colour scheme does not feel cold by adding warmth with textured fabrics and by layering different patterns. You can also liven up the room with strategically placed plants or lighting options that give a warm glow.

  • Try using different tones of grey together
Choosing just one shade of grey could make your space feel a little flat, so consider layering different shades. Start with your favourite shade of grey as a base layer and incorporate furniture and accessories in different shades.

  • Add bright colours
Grey makes bright colours pop, so if you love vivid, bold colours, it's the perfect canvas to make your colourful accessories or furniture shine.

  • Texture is always a good idea
As mentioned before, grey is super versatile, so it works well with a variety of different textures – from natural materials like rattan and wicker to more modern black and white shaggy throws or rugs.

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