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Industrial is an aesthetic trend that first became popular in the late 2000s. Key features of the style included the use of concrete, weathered wood furniture, and light metallic fixtures.

This design trend has since evolved and is coming back for good in 2020 with different shades of grey, raw materials, and a striking contemporary vibe.

Sleek modernity meets old-world charm
The new rustic industrial design trend is all about mixing two conflicting elements: technology and nature. Science and technology are used to create sustainable pieces that are as beautiful as they are good for the environment. It’s taking recyclables, such as used plastic and old wood, and giving them new life in your home.

Since sustainable homeware should not and will not go out of style, we’re certain that scientists and interior designers will continue to team up to make beautiful home decor that Mother Nature can appreciate.

Rustic industrial design trends
Use a lot of metal tones, more specifically bronze. Little by little, we see more and more industrial-looking metals, such as black steel or burnished metals, being used too. Brass, polished nickel and silver are returning too; and the mixture of hot and cold metals, such as iron and bronze, will also continue to be used.

When it comes to colour, the 2020 colour is called Classic Blue, and it's just that: a classic blue. It's clean and elegant but also really uplifting, which is perfect for living rooms and an easy colour to incorporate into most parts of your home.

The new Nordic is another popular trend, which can be restrained. It’s a slightly darker, moodier take on the classic Scandi-style, still using all the textures and pared-back light wooden furniture.

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