Create Calm With Ocean Hues

Even if you don't live anywhere close to the ocean, you can recreate the memories of lazy, sunshiny days by bringing the coastal calm indoors. Transform your home or a special room in your house into an ocean-inspired haven with a few simple decor tricks.

Use hues of blue
Blue is the classic go-to colour for a beach house look as it channels the soothing calmness and brilliance of the ocean. Be bold and paint your walls or floors blue, choose furniture in different shades of blue, or simply bring in a few blue touches with accessories and loose furnishings.

Add nautical influences
Choose furniture, curtains, rugs, pillows, throws or any other decor items with blue and white stripes to add a touch of beachy chic.

Go natural
Natural materials like rattan, wicker and sisal in furniture and accessories are perfect for creating a beach house effect.

Do keep it neutral
Create a calming vibe with neutral colours inspired by sandy beaches. Using neutrals will also make your nautical and blue hues pop for a modern, crisp look.

And don't go overboard with accessories
Don't fill your home with too many beach-themed items or accessories as it will make your space feel busy, rather than calm. Using colours in shades of sand and blue and adding natural textures should be enough to create the serene, ocean-inspired space you need.

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