Comforting Neutrals

Think neutrals are dull and drab? Think again! Let us show you why decorating in neutrals make a great choice for your home, no matter which trend you're currently into.

First things first, what are neutral colours?
In terms of interior design, 'neutral' actually means without a colour – they are colours that do not appear on the colour wheel. Classic colours in the neutral palette include black, grey, white, beige, tan, taupe, brown, rust, and ivory.

Why choose neutrals?

  • They're classic and timeless
  • Neutrals will never go out of style, so decorating with neutrals means you won't feel like you're stuck with outdated pieces a few years down the line.

  • Neutrals are comforting
  • Using neutrals can create a calming and soothing space.

  • Adding texture and prints is easy
  • You can get creative with textures and prints when your canvas is neutral. Think shaggy pillows, fur throws, cowhide, knits and more.

  • Tired of your space? Updating is easy!
  • Simply add a new accent colour to your neutral decor – and you can go wild with your colour choices, as neutrals truly go with anything.

  • It's an easy decorating option
  • If you're not an expert interior decorator, you can't really go wrong with a combination of neutral colours. All neutral colours work well together and your look won't go out of style. Later, when you're feeling a little braver, it's also easy to add an interesting texture or colour to your room.

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