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The Bohemian design trend captures the free and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle. It’s hippie chic and represents the lifestyle of people who enjoy the simpler things, such as being in nature. They value the old and history and enjoy life in a more carefree way.

Boho design trends
Bohemian style is characterised by:

  • a loose and casual style;
  • bold colour choices;
  • natural materials, such as wood and animal skin, with metallic details;
  • ethnic and nomadic elements, such as Moroccan accessories or tribal designs; and
  • rich and creative prints of vibrant colours, in purple or red tones, on textile, upholstery and carpets.
  • Bohemian design unleashes colour, texture, and pattern in a unique way. It is eclectic, no doubt, with a nod towards global influences. If you want to give your home a truly personal touch, this design trend is likely to appeal to you.

    How to get the boho look
    Achieving this look is as simple as throwing down a fuzzy rug, getting wicker furniture and investing in an insane amount of throw pillows.

    The thing to remember about bohemian interior design is that it’s an unruly style. Colouring outside the lines is encouraged. Without hard and fast rules, anything random, colourful, and full of personality is a clear indication that you’re well on your way to a boho home.

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