How to set up a home office that works as hard as you do for less
More people are working from home nowadays, but not everyone has a big budget to set up a home office with brand new furniture. Luckily, you can create a stylish and smart space for less, with a little creativity and planning. Here's a few office decor ideas and tips to get you started.

Find the perfect space in your home
You might not have a separate room, but it's important to dedicate an area as your working space. This can be a section of your bedroom, a small closet or an unused space in your living room or kitchen. Use a room divider to create a sense of separation, especially if you have to work in your bedroom. A well-placed bookcase can be a great room divider and can also provide much-needed storage space.

Use what you have as a starting point, build from there
You will probably need to buy one or two pieces of furniture, but take stock of what you have and what you need before you start buying all your home office decor new.
Maybe you have an old desk stored away in the attic, or a table that can double up as a desk. You can also easily create an affordable desk with plenty of storage space using two filing cabinets and a piece of wood. Once you have your desk set up, avoid the midday backache by spoiling yourself with a comfortable, ergonomic chair like our Wyatt Office Chair with its stylish matte finish.
If you already have a suitable chair and would like to invest in a desk, our Clinton Office Desk will give your home office a contemporary edge, while the Royal Concrete Desk will add a more classic look and convenient storage space.

Affordable accessories
Now that you have the basics in place, start by making the space your own. Place a colourful cushion on your chair to make yourself even more comfy. Get creative and hang pictures of family and friends, inspiring quotes or your kids’ artwork, or move your favourite plant or painting to your new office area. Use items you have in new ways, like a decorative flowerpot or a favourite mug to hold your pens, rulers and scissors. If you want to treat yourself to something new, have a look at our range of accessories at always low prices – from chic cushions and trendy rugs to beautiful wall art, ornaments and lamps.

Shop the sales
You don't have to buy everything you need at once. As long as you have a dedicated area you can work comfortably and without distractions, you can take your time setting up your office. Make a wish list of items you would like to bring into your home office, and keep an eye on social media and print to shop them when they go on sale.

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