Valid until 25 February 2024. While stocks last. Ts & Cs apply. There’s no place like BACK TO Save on work, study, play and stay must-haves for 2024. MASSIVE SAVINGS ON ESSENTIALS

Log Pedestals R2499, Save R200 each Log Dressing Table & Mirror R5799, Save R200 Jasmine Chest of Drawers R3299, Save R200 Jasmine Dresser & Mirror R3699, Save R300 Jasmine Pedestals R2199, Save R300 each Nimbus Chest of Drawers R4799, Save R200 R2299 SAVE R200 152cm Nimbus Queen Headboard • Base set, bedding and accessories not included Nimbus Tallboy R3299, Save R200 Nimbus Pedestals R2299, Save R200 each 152cm Silas Headboard R1799 SAVE R500 R2999 SAVE R1000 R3499 SAVE R300 R3799 SAVE R200 152cm Cedar Headboard 152cm Night Retreat Headboard 152cm Gentle Headboard R2299 SAVE R200 R2699 SAVE R300 152cm Jasmine Queen Headboard • Base set, bedding and accessories not included 152cm Log Queen Headboard • Base set, bedding and accessories not included SET UP YOUR BEDROOM WITH THE LATEST TRENDS

R3599 SAVE R400 Homestead Double Bunk • Mattresses, bedding an accessories not included R1499 SAVE R200 Berlin Pedestal R2999 SAVE R500 Gunner Ash Shoe Rack • 1800mm R1999 SAVE R500 Chase Pedestal R2299 SAVE R200 Tristan Pedestal R4799 SAVE R200 Homestead Tri-Bunk • Mattresses available to purchase in-store each R1499 SAVE R200 Assorted Jasmine Rugs • 160cm x 230cm each R799 SAVE R200 Assorted Plush Shaggy Rugs • 120cm x 180cm each R999 SAVE R200 Assorted Sophia Rugs • 160cm x 220cm R2299 SAVE R200 Gunner Ash Shoe Rack • 1095mm each R1399 SAVE R100 Assorted Beruit Shaggy Rugs • 160cm x 230cm • Also Available in 80cm x 120cm R399, NOW ONLY

R16999 SAVE R1000 Lectron Combo Gaming/DiningRoom Suite • Snooker and tennis table • Includes 2 pool cues, pool balls and table tennis set with net R1799 SAVE R200 each Saddle Bar Stool Soho Bar Stool R1999 SAVE R500 Louis Adjustable Bar Stool R1399 SAVE R100 Assorted Carter Bar Stools each R1499 SAVE R200 Assorted Angela Bar Stools each WELCOME FRIENDS BACK INTO A STYLISH NEW SPACE

EMBRACE BOLD AND FUNCTIONAL LIVING SPACES R1799 SAVE R200 Assorted Traye Occasional Chairs each R999 SAVE R200 R2199 SAVE R100 Assorted Talley Round Ottomans • 45cm x 45cm Assorted Tate Round Ottoman • 80cm x 40cm • Also Available in Silver R4999 SAVE R1000 2.5-Division Delgado Sleeper Couch R4999 SAVE R500 Lea Sleeper Couch R5799 SAVE R200 Sicilly Sleeper Couch • Scatter cushions not included each LIMITED STOCK • Also available in natural 4 Piece Max Lounge Suite • Accessories not included R9999 SAVE R8000

WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED WITH OFFICE OR STUDY ESSENTIALS Remie Office Desk Tyrique Office Chair R4999 R1999 SAVE R1000 SAVE R500 R1999 SAVE R300 Titus Gaming Chair R2999 NOW ONLY Nickle Gaming Chair R1499 SAVE R200 Nero Gaming Table • Includes USB Lighting R2799 SAVE R200 Nash L-Shape Gaming Table • Includes USB Lighting R3999 SAVE R500 Chase Office Desk

GET BACK TO CONVENIENCE & INNOVATION Metallic Top-Freezer Fridge KTF518/2 • 2-Year Guarantee White-Finish Bar Fridge M125RWH • 2-Year Guarantee ENERGY RATING A+ 170l 222l ENERGY RATING A Titanium Inox-Finish Water-on-Tap Bottom-Freezer Fridge H310BIT-WD •5-Year Guarantee R5499 SAVE R500 R3699 SAVE R300 R1999 SAVE R900 R3999 NOW ONLY 93l 92l 195l Red Retro Bar Fridge ENERGY RATING A+ Metallic Chest Freezer UC210M • 2-Year Guarantee White Chest Freezer CF210 DMF470 • 3 + 2 Years (with registration) Warranty R3499 SAVE R500 R3699 SAVE R300 AS A CONSUMER, DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU NOW HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND SAVE MONEY, ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT? VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO: WWW.HOUSEANDHOME.CO.ZA NEW 194l ENERGY RATING B SCAN ME

MIRROR DOOR MIRROR DOOR MIRROR DOOR ENERGY RATING A+++ 8kg 14kg 7kg ENERGY RATING A++ 13-Place Manhattan Grey Dishwasher DDW242 • 3-Year Warranty White TwinTub Washing Machine WSCF143 • 2-Year Guarantee R3799 SAVE R200 Manhattan Grey Top-Loader Washing Machine DTL165 • 2-Year Warranty R4499 SAVE R300 Electronic Microwave Oven P90N30EL • 900W R1499 NOW ONLY 2-Plate Mini Oven OT2B-32 • 3200W R999 SAVE R200 Digital Microwave Oven H26MOS5H • 2-Year Guarantee R1499 SAVE R300 Manhattan Grey Front-Loader Washing Machine DAW 384 • 3-Year Warranty R5499 SAVE R500 R4999 SAVE R300 R999 SAVE R100 Manual Microwave Oven DMO381 • 700W • 2-Year Warranty 30l 30l 26l 20l MIRROR DOOR

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Titan 20 • 1200W R999 SAVE R400 Zoom Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner HVC101 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner BHN20L Black Cordless Kettle RHPK02 • 2200W Cream Breakfast Pack • Also available in Light Blue Rectangle Frying Pan XH-34 • 1500W Stainless Steel Egg Boiler EB-350 12-Piece Stainless Steel Pot Set SSCS012 Steam Iron EI8886-A • 2000W Teflon Steam Iron STP40 • 2000W 2-Slice Sandwich Press AJ-5004B • 750W - 900W Contact Grill 180DG • 2000W XL Air Fryer HD9270/91 Sewing Machine JA20 R799 SAVE R100 R999 SAVE R300 R29999 SAVE R50 R799 SAVE R200 R499 SAVE R100 R22999 SAVE R20 R1599 SAVE R400 R19999 SAVE R30 R24999 SAVE R50 R29999 SAVE R50 R1299 SAVE R200 R1999 SAVE R500 R2199 SAVE R500 20l 1.7l 6.2l 7l per set

WORK SMARTER WITH MUST-HAVE TECH AND LOAD-SHEDDING SOLUTIONS EPSON SCREEN 14” MEMORY 4GB SSD 256GB STORAGE • Pantum P2200 Mono Laser Printer • Wired Mouse • HSPA+ D-link Router (Battery backup, Wireless & Wi-Fi) MyLife Celeron Starter Bundle Z140C R5799 SAVE R200 1GB DATA PM X 12 MONTHS 24” (60cm) Full HD Monitor Deskjet 3-in-1 Printer 2710 • Print/Copy/Scan - Wifi Ecotank 3-in-1 Printer L3110/3211 • Print/Copy/Scan Arctic Notebook Stand Secure Notebook Security Lock Core Interface USB Hub Total Universal Laptop Charger Comfort Gel Mousepad Pivot 4-Port USB Hub SCREEN 15.6” MEMORY 4GB SSD 256GB STORAGE Celeron Notebook 250 G9 N4500 R5499 SAVE R500 R2399 SAVE R500 R749 SAVE R50 R2999 SAVE R700 R6999 SAVE R80 R19999 SAVE R50 R499 SAVE R200 R599 SAVE R100 R9999 SAVE R30 R9999 SAVE R50 Portable Power Station • 300W • 347W Hours R3899 SAVE R2100 Surge Plug FBWPPE R24999 SAVE R20 Portable Power Station • 300W • 314W Hours Mini UPS • 60W ECOPLUS860L R3499 SAVE R500 R1299 SAVE R200 ELECSTOR ELECSTOR ALSO AVAILABLE • 18W Mini UPS SAVE R599, R100 •18W ECO Mini UPS SAVE R799, R200

32” (81cm) HD Smart Digital TV 32A4K • 4-Year Guarantee R2799 SAVE R500 32” (81cm) HD Google TV 32STE6600 • 3-Year Guarantee R2999 SAVE R300 40” (100cm) Full HD Smart LED TV UA40N5300 • 2-Year Guarantee R3999 SAVE R500 40” (101cm) Full HD Smart Digital TV 40A4K • 4-Year Guarantee R4499 SAVE R500 Soundbar Wall-Mount Bracket BRAE820 R24999 NOW ONLY 29”-65” Tilt Wall- Mount Bracket BRAE310 R33999 NOW ONLY 1.5m HDMI Cable BRAHDMI18/ I15 R3999 SAVE R10 Media Device Bracket BRABM80 R19999 NOW ONLY 26”-65” WallMount Bracket BRAE302 R26999 SAVE R30 UPDATE YOUR HOME ENTERTAINMENT AT LOW PRICES

WIRELESS REAR SPEAKERS WIRELESS REAR SPEAKERS Party Rocker One HP-100 • 300W • Wireless Charging Mat • 2-Year Guarantee R2999 NOW ONLY IPX4 2.1-Channel Soundbar HS214 • 2-Year Guarantee R1499 SAVE R350 2.1-Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer TH-N239B R2199 NOW ONLY 5.1-Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer & Wireless Rear Speakers HT-S40R • 600W • 2-Year Guarantee R3999 SAVE R2000 5.1-Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer & Wireless Rear Speakers AX5100G • 2-Year Guarantee • 340W R3999 SAVE R500 2-Channel DJ Controller DDJ-200 R2999 SAVE R500 2-Channel DJ Controller DDJ-400 R5999 SAVE R1000 2.0-Channel Soundbar HS205 • 2-Year Guarantee R999 SAVE R250 High Power DVD System MHC-M40D R5499 SAVE R500 Mini Hi-Fi CJ45 • 720W • 2-Year Guarantee R3999 SAVE R1500 2.1-Channel Soundbar SS330 • 480W R2299 SAVE R300 Signa S2 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer R3399 SAVE R900 5.1.2-Channel Magnifi Max AX True Wireless Surround Sound Soundbar R13999 SAVE R500

Gemini Pair True Wireless Speakers R349 SAVE R100 Mamba Speaker R399 SAVE R100 Mini Mamba Speaker R349 SAVE R100 Cobra Speaker R749 SAVE R100 Viper Speaker R999 SAVE R100 Stun Speaker R22999 SAVE R40 Studio Monitor Speaker CL5G3 R2499 SAVE R500 Pair Desktop Monitor Speakers DM-50D R249950 SAVE R249950 Boombox with CD Player RD-N327 R799 SAVE R100 Tuner Radio R29999 SAVE R50 Charge 2 Essential Portable Speaker R2999 SAVE R300 IPX7 PRO BASS Galaxy Speaker PR-3200-MX R14999 SAVE R20 Flip 2 Essential Portable Speaker R1999 SAVE R200 IPX7 DAB + Radio TAR5505 R1499 SAVE R200 CD Boombox AZ318B R999 SAVE R200 Digital FM Clock Radio TAR3205 R399 SAVE R50 M1 Miniplus LED Projector R4499 SAVE R200 3” Elixir Dual Speaker R19999 SAVE R50 50% OFF

Gaming Headphones ATH-GDL3BK R1999 SAVE R500 Studio Headphones ATH-M20X R999 SAVE R300 Studio Headphones ATH-M30X R1699 SAVE R300 Gaming Headphones ATH-GL3BK R1799 SAVE R200 Professional DJ Headphones HDJ-CUE1 R1399 SAVE R300 Black Symphony Headphones With Microphone R4999 SAVE R50 Blue & Black Symphony Headphones With Microphone R6999 SAVE R30 Black Rebel 2.0-Series Headphones R14999 SAVE R50 PRO BASS Black Foldable Headphones MDR-ZX110 14999 SAVE R80 Studio Headphone ATH-M50X R2999 SAVE R500 R24999 SAVE R50 Cosmic Headphones R29999 SAVE R50 Impulse Headphones

R29999 SAVE R50 DJ Headphones HDJ-CUE1BT-K R1999 SAVE R500 Wireless Headphones ATH-M50XBT2 Wireless Headphone ATH-S200BT-BK R599 SAVE R200 R3499 SAVE R500 Wireless Headphone ATH-M20XBT R1699 SAVE R300 R29999 SAVE R100 Phonic Headphones R999 SAVE R300 Silenco Noise Cancelling Heaphones Bluetooth Headphones VB-VH100 R599 SAVE R100 Rhapsody Noise Cancelling Headphones

Genesis Aux Earphones with No Microphone R999 SAVE R10 PRO BASS Black Pro Bass Swagger Earphones with Microphone PR1006 R1999 SAVE R5 PRO BASS • Also Available in Pink or Blue. • Also Available in Black, Blue or White. • Also Available in White. Black Stereo Earbuds MDR-E9LP R6999 SAVE R30 • Also Available in Black. White In-Ear Earphone + Microphone MDR-EX15AP R14999 SAVE R50 Blue Alloy Metal Earphone R4999 SAVE R30 Purple Alloy Metal Earphone R4999 SAVE R30 White Note X Earphones + Charging Case R19999 SAVE R80 Earphones ATH-SPORT10BK R29999 SAVE R100 Note 2.0 Earphone Pods R16999 SAVE R30 Black Earphones + Microphone TUNE 110 R14999 SAVE R50 TWS Ear Buds With Charging Case ATH-CKS50TW R2499 SAVE R300 Wireless Headphones ATH-SQ1TW R1299 SAVE R200 IPX4 Libra True Wireless Earphones R499 SAVE R100 Pisces True Wireless Earphones R29999 SAVE R100 Scorpio True Wireless Earphones R34999 SAVE R150

R6999 SAVE R1000 PS5 Dualsense Controller PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset PS5 DualSense Charging Station R1499 SAVE R100 R1799 SAVE R200 R599 SAVE R100 each each Series S Standalone Console R7599 NOW ONLY White Series S Robot Controller R1399 SAVE R100 each TURTLE BEACH Recon Wired Headset 70P/70X R599 SAVE R200 each PDP Wired Headset Playstation or XBOX LVL40 R499 NOW ONLY each GAME ON, 2024! PS4 Console and 2 Controllers LIMITED STOCK Available at selected stores. Available at selected stores.

STAY CONNECTED & IN TOUCH! Galaxy A14 4G Smartphone Spark 10C 4G Smartphone Galaxy A04E 4G Smartphone 5MP Selfie Camera 8MP + 0.08MP Main Camera 8MP Selfie Camera 16MP + 0.08MP Main Camera 5000mAh (10W Fast Charging) 5000mAh (18W Fast Charging) 2GB + 2GB Extended Memory 64GB Storage 4GB + 4GB Extended Memory 128GB Storage 5MP Selfie Camera 13MP + 2MP Main Camera 5000mAh (15W Fast Charging) 3GB Memory 32GB Storage 6.5” 6.6” 6.6” Colour May Vary Colour May Vary Colour May Vary 13MP Selfie Camera 50MP + 5MP + 2MP Triple Main Camera 5000mAh (15W Fast Charging) 4GB Memory 64GB Storage 6.6” Colour May Vary R1899 SAVE R100 R1599 SAVE R400 R2699 SAVE R800 Galaxy A04S 4G Smartphone 5MP Selfie Camera 50MP + 2MP + 2MP Triple Main Camera 5000mAh (15W Fast Charging) 3GB Memory 32GB Storage 6.5” Colour May Vary R2399 SAVE R900 Pop 7 4G Smartphone each each each each R2999 SAVE R800 each

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